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Crown of Crowns Duology

A creative fantasy with a perfectly flawed heroine, the right amount of romance, and otherworldly surprises.”


Crown of Crowns is the first installment of a futuristic new Young Adult saga by Clara Loveman, described as "sweeping, epic, and engrossing" with an "intriguing and twisting plot" that's perfect for fans of The Hunger Games, the Divergent Trilogy, and Neal Shusterman's Arc of a Scythe series.

Godly Sins is the second installment in the Crown of Crowns saga by Clara Loveman, raising the stakes in the galaxy-spanning story.



I am Kaelyn, daughter of Gaard-Ma and Gaard-Elder, and heiress to the highest-ranking family of our society—yet I am a slave. I'm a slave to the Decens-Lenitas—a rigid code of ethics that controls how we live, who we marry, and even how we birth our children. For years, I'd been raised to believe that all these rules, boundaries, and laws were created for the greater good of our Kingdom—but the moment I met Roki, I realized they were all a lie.


Roki, a humble boy from Nurlie, won my heart not with riches or titles, but an inquisitive mind and passionate heart—yet the Decens-Lenitas forbids us to be together; even as friends, and much less as lovers. I may live in the towers of the aristocracy, and wear the clothes of the rich and noble, but I've come to understand that these are shackles no different to those worn by the lowest prisoners in our dungeons. We are all imprisoned.


Yet when the fabled Crown of Crowns calls me to spirit realm of Shiol—demanding I shoulder the burden of leading my people—I'm finally presented with the opportunity to break free. Amid the ethereal Min, I can choose to either uphold the Decens-Lenitas, or follow my heart and bring the established order toppling down around me. 


But I'll have to navigate conspiracy, deceit, and betrayal before I know which path to follow—and in the otherworld of the Shiol, I'll also have to confront the man who broke my heart and made me question everything I thought I'd known—for Roki is here too, and following a destiny no less inexorable than my own.





I am Kaelyn, and once I was destined to become the ruler of the Kingdom of Geniverd. Instead, I chose to become a Min, and join those fighting against the same oppressive system which raised me—taking a stand against injustice alongside my partner, Roki. Together, we're navigating a conspiracy that spans both the mortal universe, and the spirit realm of Shiol—and the stakes in this sinister game of shadows have never been higher.

For soon, a new Crown of Crowns will be elected. As the ruler of the spirit realm, and the highest authority in the galaxy, the Crown of Crowns will have the power to tip the balance in favor of either order or chaos—and the lives of billions could be impacted as a result.

Likewise, in Geniverd, a miraculous new biotechnology has promised to revolutionize society—supposedly granting health, strength, and the potential of immortality to the masses. However, the promise of this genetic engineering has blinded many to the dark secrets and hidden agendas that drove its development in the first place.

I surrendered my mortality so I could take a stand for what's right—but as those I trust betray me, and I find myself manipulated by shadowy figures from my past, doing what's 'right' has become harder and harder to figure out. When those I care about the most become unwitting pawns in this conflict, I'm forced to commit to unthinkable choices—and, as a result, my hands could soon be awash with the blood of billions.

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