After by Anna Todd

Whoever's on the other side of the door begins pounding on it and I groan as I hurry to open it, wiping my eyes again. "I said just a min—"

But I stop as glaring green eyes pour into mine.

As I look into those amazing green eyes eyes, I suddenly realize that I hadn't previously noticed their color before. And then I realize that it's because Hardin hasn't really made eye contact with me until just now. Amazing, deep, surprised green eyes. Hardin looks away quickly and I push past him. He grabs my arm and pulls me back.


My breathing still hasn't slowed; I can feel his increasing, the way his chest rises powerfully. Seconds feel like hours, and finally he removes one hand from my wrists, but the other is large enough to hold both.

For a second, I think he might slap me. But his hand moves up to my cheekbone and then he gently tucks my hair behind my ear. I swear I can hear his pulse as he brings his lips to mine—and the fire crackles under my skin.


His action is so full of desperation and hunger that I am lost. Lost in Hardin. Lost in the salty taste of my tears on both our lips, lost in his fingers threaded through my hair.


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