Bad Blood by John Carreyrou

This is a riveting real-life story about Theranos founder, Elizabeth Holmes, and how she became the youngest self-made billionaire through ruthless ambition and exceptional charm. The likes of Rupert Murdoch and Henry Kissinger and corporations like Walgreens bought into her blood-testing device. The problem was that the product simply didn’t work.

I reckon the brilliant minds Elizabeth recruited could have improved her technology, but she oppressed them in a toxic workplace. In the background, deceptive and shocking activities went on because “A good cause makes a lie easier to buy.” She was eventually indicted for wire fraud, and her trial will begin in October 2020.

There were other unsavoury, vindictive wealthy characters in the chain of events, as well as some inappropriate sexual relationships and betrayals.

Bad blood is being adapted into a film starring Jennifer Lawrence.


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