Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

This is a truly astounding and thoroughly satisfying novel. I'm obsessed. The TV series is equally as thrilling as the powerful words in this book.

A toothpick, inserted into a standard keyhole and snapped off flush, is a marvelous thing. It causes no damage to the lock, yet it prevents the key from entering, so the door cannot be opened. It is not easily removed without a pair of needle-nosed tweezers, which are often not handy and take some time to procure. The more impatient the key wielder, the more firmly and insistently the key is jammed into the keyhole, the more tenaciously the toothpick will cling to the innards of the lock, and the longer it will take to extract it even with the right equipment. A reasonably adept teenager, working quickly, can insert a toothpick into a lock, snap it off, and walk away in approximately three seconds. Three teenagers, working in unison, can therefore immobilize an entire high school containing one hundred and twenty-six doors in less than ten minutes, quickly enough to avoid notice and settle into their usual spots in the hallway to watch what ensues.

[...] By the time the late arrivals straggled in at 7:52 and the bell for the first period was ringing, the hallways were crammed with gleeful students, bewildered secretaries, and furious teachers.


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