Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo

In this dark fantasy, Yale’s secret societies are transformed into a paranormal, haunted fantasy world. This book is about a high school dropout whose ability to see ghosts gets her into Yale and is tasked with monitoring the mysterious activities of the secret societies.

I absolutely loved that Bardugo has built a most incredible and intense world. This book is for someone who wants something more, with the promise of even more to come. I highly recommend this for adults, especially those new to this talented author.

“There was power in names. It was why the names of Grays were blacked from the pages of Lethe’s records. It was why she would rather think of the thing before her as the Bridegroom. The danger lay in connection, in the moment when you bound your life to someone else’s.”

“He looked down and saw that his chest had come apart. He’d done the work. Now they couldn’t cut him open. They couldn’t take his soul.”


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