Such A Fun Age by Kiley Reid

If you decide to read this light, dramatic, funny, gut-wrenching, and satirical read about race and privilege, please bear with it if it doesn’t pull you in immediately because, for me, the most hilarious scenes began after the first five or six chapters. I was sad when I saw the dwindling number of chapters I had left. I couldn’t put it down.


Jodi said carefully, “…But you’re also saying that he’s the opposite of racist? That he likes black people too much?”

“Alix is saying”—Tamra stepped in—“that Kelley is one of those white guys who not only goes out of his way to date black women but only wants to date black women.”

With kale in her cheek, Rachel chewed and said, “That's racist.”

“It completely fetishizes black people in a terrible way,” Tamra went on. “It makes it seem like we're all the same, as if we can't contain multitudes of personalities and traits and differences. And people like that think that it says something good about them, that they're so brave and unique that they would even dare to date black women. Like they're some kind of martyr.”

Alix nodded so vigorously that the table lightly shook. “This is what he does," she said. “In high school it was the black athletes. According to his Facebook it's now black women. And if he's still surrounding himself with black people just so he can feel good about himself, I couldn't care less...”


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