The Scent Keeper by Erica Bauermeister

"The moon lit the water as we raced across the strait. The world was a palette of silver and black, all contrast and mystery. If we hadn't been watching the surface so closely for errant logs, we might not have seen how the slowly brightening sky was turning the tips of the waves from silver to white."

"The missing element couldn't be in the top notes. I figured that out quickly enough. Top notes were the ones that caught your attention, the glittering invitations that led you deeper into a fragrance.

It couldn't be a middle note, either--those warm, round things, full and loving. Taking them out would induce the soft purple of wanting, but that was still too passive. Need lived in base notes. The difference between appetite and craving, a bruised heart and a broken one. Base notes were just that, base--subterranean and simmering, dirt and blood, grief and desire and memory."


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